Park-Hotel "Eagle Stone"

House Museum Dimcho Debelyanov


The home of the poet Debelyanov was rebuilt in 1957. It used to be a detached house where lived the families of his father and uncle.
In 1958 was opened Dimcho Debelyanov house-museum. There is an exposition which shows the short road of life and work of the poet. Valuable museum exhibits are his personal possessions from the front, a portrait of his mother, Tzana Ibrishimkoycheva and a portrait of the poet made by his close friend – Georgi Mishev.

The home of Dimcho Debelyanov still keeps the magic flowing from the poetry of the tenderest Bulgarian poet. As one enters the wooden gate he falls in picturesque courtyard with ancient pines and cherry decoration:
“Do you remember? Do you remember the
quiet courtyard, the quiet courtyard with white-flowers sour … ”

The tombstone of Debelyanov is work of Professor Ivan Lazarov – a statue of a forever waiting mother, sitting down on the doorstep of a gate, where a verse of “Silent Victory” is engraved:
“In a gentle reverie she waits,
For her child to come.”

Opening hours for all Museums – Oslekova house, Lyutova house, House Museum Georgi Benkovski, House Museum Dimcho Debelyanov, Complex of houses Lyuben and Petko Karavelov and farm building, House Museum Todor Kableshkov

  • During the summer (April 1 – November 1) Museums are open from 9:30 to 17:30.
  • In winter (November 1 to April 1) – from 9:00 to 17:00.

The fallowing Museums are closed on:

  • Monday : House Museum Dimcho Debelyanov, House Museum Todor Kableshkov
  • Tuesdays: Lyutova house, Complex of houses Lyuben and Petko Karavelov, House Museum Georgi Benkovski